Class Q Ltd launches large-scale solar PV development service

Class Q Ltd strike a strategic partnership with international developer Solar Provider Group to deploy solar plants across the United Kingdom.

The U.K. government has welcomed solar, onshore wind and other well-established renewables technologies in from the cold by announcing plans for a new generation capacity auction next year.

With the U.K. solar industry having stagnated since feed-in tariffs were slashed by the Cameron government five years ago, the government recently acknowledged relying on the recent advent of unsubsidised solar projects – ‘merchant’ facilities – in the country will not be enough to reach the stated ambition of a net-zero greenhouse gas emission economy by 2050.

Landowners across the country are seeing first-hand how solar can extract significant value from their land. Allocating some of your land for a solar park can open up a consistent and dependable income stream.

Working in conjunction with international solar PV developer, Solar Provider Group, Class Q Ltd acts as a trusted landowner partner for solar land leases that deliver secure, long-term income to landowners, with some sites attracting upwards of £1250/acre/year in lease revenue for 30+ years.


1. Guaranteed, long-term revenue stream

When we enter into a 30-year+ lease agreement with a landowner, we are committing to a competitive rental income which is paid annually per acre, in advance. The lease income is index-linked so it will rise annually with inflation, providing you with a secure revenue stream for several decades.

2. Dual land use

Our solar panels and equipment typically occupy only 40% of the leased land. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock. Working alongside Solar Provider Group, we are proud to design each solar installation to accommodate farming priorities, allowing you to draw competitive income from the land.

3. Retain your land

At the end of the lease-term, the solar plant will be decommissioned, and your land restored to its original condition. You will retain full ownership of your land throughout the process and can continue farming it as usual in the years to come.

Interested in finding out if your land could be suited to a solar development? Get in touch with one of our team here.