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Long-term competitive solar leases

Landowners in the United Kingdom are seeing first-hand how solar can extract significant value from their land. Allocating some of your land for a solar park can open up a consistent and dependable income stream.


Working in conjunction with international solar PV developer, Solar Provider Group, Class Q Ltd acts as a trusted landowner partner for solar land leases that deliver secure, long-term income to landowners.

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Power your community.

Sustainable diversification of your land.


Guaranteed, long-term revenue stream.

When we enter into a lease agreement for 30+ years, we are committing to a competitive rental income which is paid to you annually per acre, in advance. The lease rate is approximately £1,000 per acre per year. The lease income is index-linked so it will rise annually with inflation, providing you with a secure revenue stream for several decades.

Dual land use.

Our solar panels and equipment typically occupy only 40% of the leased land. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock. Working alongside Solar Provider Group, we are proud to design each solar installation to accommodate farming priorities, allowing you to draw competitive income from the land.

Retain your land.

At the end of the lease-term, the solar plant will be decommissioned, and your land restored to its original condition. You will retain full ownership of your land throughout the process and can continue farming it as usual in the years to come.

How it works

How it works.


Free site appraisal.

Initial checks to assess the suitability of your land for a solar development.


Lease proposal.

We'll provide a proposal to lease a section of your land and detail your lease income.


Option period.

We enter a lease option period with you whilst we work to enable the site to host solar. During this time you can continue to use your land.


Planning and interconnection.

We will work to secure the necessary planning permission and determine the best way to interconnect the project to the National Grid.


Ready to build.

The project is built and you begin receiving lease payments. The site will be maintained by a third party for your peace of mind.

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