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Permitted Development

Residential conversion of agricultural buildings

Class Q is a form of permitted development allowing for the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential use for up to a maximum of 5 dwellings.


Permitted development rights can add significant value to your agricultural buildings. The entire process can take less than 6 months and we currently have a success rate of over 90% with Class Q permitted development applications.

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Our services

We manage everything, at our own cost and risk, from application to sale.

Upon approval, we assist with sale of pre-construction properties. Once the property is sold we take a minority cut of gross profits. If permission is refused, we foot all of the bills.


Pre-agreed, fixed-rate pricing and management of third-party services.

We conduct planning assessments and produce architectural drawings in-house and identify suitable local parties to conduct requisite studies including structural surveys, ecological studies etc.

You can also convert



Light industrial.

Hot food takeaways. residential with permitted development

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