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Land Promotion

151 sq. m. | 0 ac | 0 ha

Type: Residential

Local Authority: 


Date Time

Use Class


Loss of Employment




Settlement Boundary


Previous development under Class Q

Agricultural Use on of before 30th March

Most recent use agricultural

Scheduled monument

Existing agricultural tenancy

Tenancy terminated in last 12 months

Class A or Class B



Good afternoon I hope your are well!

I'm looking to explore my development options on some land I own to the rear of 11 Alexandra street, burton Latimer. I like idea of converting the existing structure (workshop on the deed) into a dwelling house, potentially extending or a new build.

There is access from the main road for the parking of a vehicle, although there is a covenant associated with the roadway. I have some annotated title plans. If this would help with your assessment I can send them across.

I submitted a pre planning application to North Northamptonshire Council (09.05.22) and they advised it was unlikely I would get planning. I can forward the report if this would be of any help.

It would be great to get a professionals opinion. I look forward to hearing from you.

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