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Land Promotion

711 sq. m. | 0.2 ac | 0.1 ha

Type: Other - previous planning permission

Local Authority: 

East Cambridgeshire

Date Time

Use Class


Loss of Employment




Settlement Boundary

Open Countryside

Previous development under Class Q

Agricultural Use on of before 30th March

Most recent use agricultural

Scheduled monument

Existing agricultural tenancy

Tenancy terminated in last 12 months

Class A or Class B



we have lived on our smallholding for 15 years and have had planning before when it ran out, we were told we were lawfully living here as we had been here for over 10 years.
We were living in a mobile home in a barn at the time with a portacabin as a utility room outside the barn also within the permission granted.
When the mobile became uninhabitable we wanted to replace it, but found all the mobiles were too high to fit in the barn, so we replaced the portacabin with a newer mobile and replaced the portacabin with a log cabin and vacated the old mobile and its now part used as storage as the floor is bad at one end.

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