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Permitted Development

9,399 sq. m. | 2.3 ac | 0.9 ha

Listed: No

Local Authority: 


4/8/2022, 12:30 PM

Use Class

Yes or No

Loss of Employment


Settlement Boundary

Previous development under Class Q



Agricultural Use on of before 30th March


Most recent use agricultural


Scheduled monument


Existing agricultural tenancy


Tenancy terminated in last 12 months


Class A or Class B




We are retireing from our business here, the house has been rented out for hen and stag parties, with a very good revenue, in an 8 bedroomed house. We have a beautiful barn to be converted, and a disused kennel built like a bungalow, a one bed annex lived in, with more room for conversion, and several other big buildings. We have been told it all wioll get Q on it by an architect, and also by our parish council chairman also a farmer. We are on a newly tarmacked road which just goes to us and our post code. The buildings are in vgc and are brick and tile, arranged round a court yard. We want to sell and retire. we have no one else in this lane but us. thank you. If you were interested or new some one, it would be most helpful, as there is too much here for a normal purcheser. We take £3,150 each two night weekend stay, and we use the annex for us. There are also stables and arena and a huge barn all floor concreted, make a riding indoor school. and 35 acres

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