Class Q receives consent for the conversion of former pig-rearing buildings to two dwellings

Class Q is pleased to have received approval from North Kesteven District Council for the conversion of disused piggery buildings to form two residential dwellings inclusive of carports and covered terraces.

The buildings had been earmarked for demolition through an extant planning condition associated with a recent approval for the erection of three dwellinghouses within close proximity. As such, Class Q submitted a simultaneous application to vary this condition, as permitted by Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

The application sought limited flexibility to either demolish the existing piggery and associated buildings or alternatively retain them for residential use. The local authority deemed the proposal to be acceptable and therefore permitted this condition to be varied accordingly.

As a result of the two approvals, the new dwellings can now be built out simultaneously to the conversion of the barns.

The delighted clients will now get to work on converting their barns, sited adjacent to their equestrian facility, to form luxury homes for the family’s enjoyment.

If you have agricultural buildings which you believe are suitable for conversion then you can use our free online eligibility checker for instant feedback.