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Land Promotion

4,044 sq. m. | 1 ac | 0.4 ha

Type: Other - Agricultural

Local Authority: 


1/9/2023, 04:28 PM

Use Class


Loss of Employment




Settlement Boundary


Previous development under Class Q

Agricultural Use on of before 30th March

Most recent use agricultural

Scheduled monument

Existing agricultural tenancy

Tenancy terminated in last 12 months

Class A or Class B


07983 879946

I am looking to obtain planning permission to build up to 4 or 5 starter and second-level family homes on the outlined land. These types of houses are underserved in the market currently.

This application would be based on the fact that Rutland Council have a lack of 5 year housing supply (5YHS) and the site is in a sustainable location.

To this end, I would like to understand the development cost involved and how Class Q might help.

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