Eligibility Feedback

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Has any previous development taken place under Class Q on your site?


Was the site used solely for an agricultural use on or before 20th March 2013?


Is the site's most recent use agricultural?


If, since the building was used for agriculture, it is then used in some way that represents a material change of use, then the agricultural use will be at an end, and that use will have been supplanted by the new use that replaced it; the building would therefore be disqualified. The crucial question, however, is whether such subsequent non-agricultural use did in fact represent a material change in the use of the building, or whether it was of no real significance in planning terms, so as to have been de minimis. We need to understand more about your building’s use in order to assess its eligibility.

Is the site occupied under an agricultural tenancy?


Has an agricultural tenancy over the site been terminated for the purpose of carrying out development under Class Q in the last year?


Is the site on land within:

Development is not permitted by Class Q if the building is is a scheduled monument, or is within a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Conservation Area or the Broads or is within a World Heritage Site. Development is also excluded from Class Q where the building is in a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), a safety hazard area or a military explosives storage area.

Class Q is NOT prohibited where the building sits within the Green Belt.

Are any of the buildings listed?


Have you used permitted development to erect, extend or alter agricultural buildings on you agricultural unit within the last 10 years?


We review all of our Eligibility Checker responses and we may contact you if we believe that your land or buildings might be suitable for development. You can also get in touch with us to discuss your results or any other planning queries by email or by phone.